Mini Portable Server Solution
The iCallBOX is a mini portable server which can be carried anywhere, whether at home or in the office. It provides secure multi-level platform services you need such as messaging, voice, video conferencing, photo, mobile office applications, public service accounts, and Internet of Everything (IoE).

iCallBOX is completely private and ad-free, with no third-party notifications, no popups, no banners, and no disruption. Best of all, you own the server online or offline. iCallBOX does not store your data on any servers. No analysis on your data, personal privacy and communications.
Features of iCallBOX 
  • Secure Instant Messaging
    Supports multiple secure communication systems such as instant messaging, group communication, file transfer, and varieties of specific communication functions.
  • Collaborative Office
    Based on workflow and focused on the core business of each department, to establish a mobile collaborative office platform centered on work.
  • End-to-end encryption
    No one can monitor the network or access the contents of your message. Third-parties are unable to analyze and intercept your data with 3-level triple-end encryption made with DDIO Development Platform.
  • Burn Chat
    Send a disposable message among users. The message will auto delete itself after a period and user device screenshot are restricted. Screenshots will notify and alert the sender.
  • Long Voice and Video Messages
    Send voice messages of up to 5 minutes or a micro video up to 60 seconds, practical for command and dispatch.
  • Delay Message
    Pre-set the message delivery time to be sent. Time when to send, avoiding unnecessary trouble.
  • Eraser
    Completely clear any conservation history with user consent, leaving no trace on both client and server. In group chat case. Only the admin has permission to use the eraser.
  • VIP
    Setting a contact or group as VIP allows you to obtain a message notification from them, even if your general setting is set to silent or do not disturb mode.
T&C Apply. While stocks last.
T&C Apply. While stocks last.
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