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Secure Messaging Platform Solution
Linkdood Communication Platform
LCP is a business communication platform for all-round enterprise security designed with military-grade encryption to prevent data breaches, big data spying as well as corporate and government surveillance. The solution comes with end-to-end encrypted messaging, voice call, video call and video conferencing for the perfect collaborative virtual work environment.
Risks of FREE Messaging Apps
LCP provides secure communications using private cloud servers, multidimensional cloud security protection and end-to-end encryption technology. The next-generation of secure cloud office business communications is the new way to communicate. Our app is available for download on app stores worldwide.
Features of LCP
  • Hidden Contact
    Hide user private contact easily with a password gesture. A different gesture creates a different group of hidden contacts.
  • Encrypted Message
    Conceal user's chat message with a passcode. Only users with the same passcode are allowed to view the message.
  • Burn Chat
    Send a disposable message among users. The message will auto-delete itself after a period of time and user device screenshots are restricted. Screenshots will notify and alert the sender.
  • Multi-Server
    Manage multiple server within an app. Using different servers for different businesses.
  • Delay Message
    Pre-set the message delivery time to be sent. Manage your own message schedule today. message schedule today
  • Task Management
    Task assignment tool which allows user to deliver tasks under chat mode, as well as monitoring member progress.message schedule today.
  • Eraser
    Completely clear any conservation history with user consent, leaving no trace on both client and server. In group chat case. Only the admin has permission to use the eraser.
  • Organization
    Create and form a multi-level organization within an enterprise. This allows strategy management to control different user from different organization.
LiNKDOOD Communication Platform
Secure Communication Data Privacy Protection Private Cloud Server Cloud Office Fully-Customizable Integrable to existing systems Video Conferencing for up to 500 users Work groups for up to 3,000 users
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