Open SDK Platform
Complete SDK development kit for users to connect the SDK to their business to create their own app and office use.
Customization ​
Built-in quick development platform to customize and construct business apps provides more than 100 modules and can adapt to customized chips.
Data Privacy Protection
Privacy protection technology using identity authentication, access control, and triple-end encryption for data protection.
Secure Communication
A cross-device, omni-bearing secure communication platform. Uses private servers, multi-level end to end encryption technology.
(Internet of Things)
IoT allows devices to communicate with each other and coordinate actions in order to perform specific tasks more efficiently, unifying platforms protocols and simplifying the production of AI and IoT devices.
Multi-Dimension Protection
Omni-bearing audit, channel encryption, channel integrity reinforcement, and data encryption.
Private Cloud Server
On-premises and cloud server deployment. Manage cross-regional multi-servers to manage different industries.
Cloud Office
Access DDIO API to create schedules and IT apps for mobile ERP solutions.
Blockchain Technology
Build and customize your own Blockchain e-Wallet rewards system. Reward your organization team, partners and staff with Tokenized Incentives and redeem rewards with DoodCoin.
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