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Acapulco Airport After Hurricane

Airport Helps With Aid and Getting People Out

Hurricane Otis hit Acapulco hard. It used to be a calm beach place, but now it’s in a lot of trouble. Still, the Acapulco airport is working even though it’s hurt. It’s helping by sending important stuff to people and letting stuck tourists go home.

Hurricane due to climate change

The Airport is Back in Business

Even though the airport was damaged, it opened up a bit. It’s letting in planes that bring necessary stuff and doctors. Big airlines like Aeromexico, Viva Aerobus, and Volaris are flying from Mexico City to help out. They’re also helping tourists get out of Acapulco.

Ricardo Duenas, a big boss at the airport, told us about what’s happening. Planes are only flying during the day because the control tower is damaged and it’s safer.

Making Sure Things Are Safe and Fixed

Duenas said their first goal is to get people out safely. After that, they’ll focus on fixing everything and getting back to normal. He doesn’t know when everything will be perfect again.

How Bad Was Hurricane Otis?

Hurricane Otis was really bad for Acapulco. 27 people died, and 4 are missing. It caused a lot of money damage too – around $15 billion. This could hurt the tourism season, which is usually from December to March.

Tourists who want to leave have certain spots to go to in the city. They’re told to only bring a small bag.

What’s Up with OMA?

OMA, the group that looks after the airport, was in the news because of some price changes. This was done to make flying cheaper. This news made some people nervous, but now things seem okay. Duenas said things worked out with the rules people.

The Acapulco airport is only a small part of what OMA does, but it’s really important right now. They’ll tell more about it in a meeting they have soon.

Wrapping Up

Acapulco got hurt by the hurricane, but people are tough. The airport is helping a lot, and it shows that Acapulco can get through this.

International airport terminal

FAQ: Acapulco Airport and Hurricane Otis

Q: What happened to Acapulco?
A: Acapulco was hit hard by Hurricane Otis, causing a lot of damage and affecting the serene beach town.

Q: Is the Acapulco airport still working?
A: Yes, even though it’s damaged, the Acapulco airport partially reopened to help bring in necessary supplies and to let stranded tourists go home.

Q: Which airlines are helping out?
A: Big airlines like Aeromexico, Viva Aerobus, and Volaris have started flights from Mexico City to help with the situation.

Q: What’s the main priority of the airport right now?
A: The first goal is to ensure the safe exit of passengers. After that, the focus will shift to repairing and getting back to regular operations.

Q: How many people were affected by Hurricane Otis?
A: Hurricane Otis resulted in the unfortunate loss of 27 lives in Acapulco, and 4 people are still missing.

Q: What’s the economic damage caused by Hurricane Otis?
A: The storm caused damages estimated to be upwards of $15 billion.

Q: Are there any special instructions for tourists wanting to leave?
A: Yes, there are specific pick-up points in the city, and tourists are advised to limit their luggage to just a carry-on bag.

Q: Who is Ricardo Duenas?
A: Ricardo Duenas is a big boss (CEO) at Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte SAB (OMA), which oversees the airport operations.

Q: What changes did OMA announce recently?
A: OMA announced some price changes to make flying cheaper, which initially caused some market uncertainty.

Q: How important is the Acapulco airport to OMA’s operations?
A: While the Acapulco airport contributes to less than 4% of OMA’s overall traffic, its significance in the current scenario is undeniable.

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