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LINKDOOD Unveils Groundbreaking Native Language Real-Time Translation, Empowering Businesses to Break Global Communication Barriers

SINGAPORE and HONG KONG, May 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In today’s increasingly globalized business landscape, multinational corporations face a significant challenge: effectively communicating across languages and cultures. LINKDOOD Technology unveiled a revolutionary native language real-time translation feature designed to…

Decentralized. Secure.

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Crypto community, including cryptocurrency and NFT industry, are revolutionary, trusted and decentralized.It is going to mainstream and changes have already happened. Existing messaging platforms control and store data in their servers, which go against the principle of crypto world. Following…

All About Money

Team of financial analysts working in the office.

Money is the key point in your conversation, which contains sensitive information. Message leakage probably makes you face severe financial and legal consequences. Do you want to talk freely, and not to worry about message leaking and censoring? You insure…

Is Your Management Conversation Safe?

Perfect Solution Concept

Communications inside your business are valuable for you. Business message leaking causes severe consequences. Your Business Secrets Worth Protecting. LINKDOOD APP OFFERS THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION WHY LINKDOOD? Linkdood provides you with a private server for all your data. No…