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LINKDOOD Unveils Groundbreaking Native Language Real-Time Translation, Empowering Businesses to Break Global Communication Barriers

SINGAPORE and HONG KONG, May 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In today’s increasingly globalized business landscape, multinational corporations face a significant challenge: effectively communicating across languages and cultures. LINKDOOD Technology unveiled a revolutionary native language real-time translation feature designed to help businesses shatter language barriers and achieve seamless global communication.

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“Our mission is to provide global enterprises with a highly efficient, user-friendly, and secure platform for cross-language communication,” said Richard Yi, CEO of LINKDOOD. “Our system enables real-time translation for over 100 languages, empowering users to communicate in their native tongue through the LINKDOOD instant messaging platform, dramatically enhancing communication efficiency and accuracy.”

The launch of this groundbreaking feature comes at a critical juncture as businesses accelerate their international expansion. Efficient cross-border communication has become a key driver of growth and daily operations. Traditional methods, such as relying on professional translators or third-party translation tools, often face challenges including low efficiency, high costs, and compromised information security. LINKDOOD’s native language real-time translation feature promises to revolutionize this landscape.

The feature intelligently identifies language types and instantly converts messages into the recipient’s native language during chat sessions. This means that whether collaborating on international projects, providing customer support, or participating in global conferences, users can express themselves in their most comfortable and precise native language while instantly understanding responses from their counterparts.

LINKDOOD’s native language real-time translation feature also offers a highly secure and reliable environment for business communication. By employing private server deployment and end-to-end encryption technology, the company ensures that sensitive information and trade secrets remain protected. This is particularly crucial for multinational corporations that prioritize data privacy.

Industry experts praise LINKDOOD’s latest innovation, noting that it showcases the company’s prowess in artificial intelligence and language technology, setting a new standard for international business communication. As the feature continues to be refined and adopted, a growing number of enterprises are poised to benefit from this technological breakthrough, gaining a competitive edge in the era of global economic integration.

About LINKDOOD Technology

LINKDOOD Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company dedicated to developing AI-powered real-time communication solutions. The introduction of the native language real-time translation feature marks a significant milestone in LINKDOOD’s mission to break down barriers in global communication.

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