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What Is Happening With Your Data Right Now?

Currently, all the messaging platforms, working collaboration apps and video conferencing tools store your data in their company server.

Where are those data centers? NOT in your country!

Your data is easily accessible and censored by service providers, IT employees and their management.

Those companies got hacked most of the time. Confidential information is no longer confidential.

Do you TRUST those Apps?

Why Linkdood?

  • We give you a private server. Your data is stored in your data center, in your organization.
  • We don’t monitor and service your server. We will train your IT people to do the job. We only give updates and any necessary bug fixes.
  • Therefore, we can’t see anything from your server. No one can see anything from your server!

Security Specialties

  • End-to-End Encrypted (everything. text, files, video conferences)
  • Encryption in rest and in motion (servers, end devices, channels)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Login
  • Watermark, Anti-screenshot, Burnchat, and many more features

Digital Transformation

  • With Linkdood, you are not only safe with daily work, but also more efficient!
  • We help you integrate current apps you need to use every day onto our secured platform
  • We provide remote working collaboration and office automation tools
  • Ultra large group chats, ultra large video conferencing capabilities
  • We can develop any other digital transformation or remote working needs
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