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Innovative Film Techniques

Polish director Patryk Vega, also known by his pseudonym Besaleel, is set to release his new film “Putin” in 35 countries on September 26. This marks his first film in English, following successes like Pitbull and Mafia Women. Vega’s latest project uses advanced AI technology to create a digital version of Vladimir Putin, eliminating the need for the actual Russian president to be filmed. This technique, developed over nearly two years, involves a deepfake model that does not rely on a real person’s likeness.

Integration of Real-World Events

The film blends real footage from Ukrainian filmmakers, shot during the Russian invasion, with scenes created using AI. This mix aims to provide a unique view of the conflict and its impacts, alongside a deeper look into Putin’s life, portraying him in various personal and political scenarios.

Cultural and Political Implications

The movie is designed to be more than just entertainment; it serves as a guide to understanding Putin, shedding light on his motivations and actions. It includes scenes of Putin practicing martial arts and interacting with figures like Boris Yeltsin, aiming to offer a detailed portrayal of the controversial leader.

AI Technology in Filmmaking

Using AI to create biopics represents a significant shift in how movies are made. It offers a solution to the challenges of filming real-life figures who are hard to access or unwilling to be involved. This method could change future filmmaking, especially for movies about well-known personalities.

Audience Expectations and Reviews

There’s growing excitement about the film’s release, with viewers curious to see if the AI successfully captures Putin’s character and whether the film will manage to clarify many aspects of his leadership.

Get ready for the innovative AI-rendered biopic of Putin by Polish director Besaleel, a film that combines groundbreaking technology with actual events to delve into the life of the enigmatic Russian president.

Frequently Asked Questions about the AI-Rendered Putin Biopic

  • What is the release date of the “Putin” biopic?
  • The biopic “Putin” is scheduled for release in 35 countries on September 26.
  • Who directed the “Putin” biopic?
  • The film was directed by Patryk Vega, who is also known by the pseudonym Besaleel. This is his debut in English-language cinema.
  • How does the film use AI technology?
  • The film utilizes advanced AI technology to create a digital version of Vladimir Putin, using deepfake techniques that do not rely on any real human likeness. This allows for a realistic portrayal of Putin without the need for his physical presence.
  • What real-world events are included in the film?
  • “Putin” incorporates actual footage shot by Ukrainian filmmakers during the Russian invasion, which is seamlessly integrated with the AI-generated scenes to enhance the narrative and provide a unique perspective on the ongoing conflict.
  • What are the main themes of the film?
  • The film aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of Vladimir Putin, exploring his personal and political life. It intends to serve as a “user manual” to demystify Putin’s motives and actions, featuring scenes of his interactions and personal activities like martial arts.

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