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What’s Up with Alphabet’s AI Drama?

Alphabet’s Stock Takes a Dive: Why Everyone’s Talking

So, Alphabet Inc., you know, the big boss behind Google, saw its stock price take a nose dive, dropping by a whopping 4.4%. Why? Well, it’s all because they hit the pause button on their Gemini AI image-maker thingy. This tool was supposed to make cool pictures from whatever you asked, but it messed up big time by getting historical stuff wrong, especially with how it showed people of different races. Ouch. Because of this blunder, Alphabet’s wallet is now over $70 billion lighter. Yep, that’s billion with a ‘B’.

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Gemini AI’s Timeout: The Gist

This Gemini AI was all about turning words into images, but it flunked history class by showing historical figures and events all wrong. This mess-up kicked off a much-needed chat about how AI might screw up our understanding of history and important issues like race.

Alphabet’s Plan to Fix Their AI Oops

DeepMind’s Big Brain Move

After everyone got upset, Demis Hassabis, the brainy head of Google’s DeepMind, said they’re bringing back the AI faces thing but better this time. They’re gonna make sure it doesn’t mess up historical and racial stuff. Hassabis admitted that making an AI that gets human diversity right is super tough, but hey, they’re working on it.

The Pentagon’s AI Adventure: A Side Story

Meanwhile, in a totally different world, the U.S. military’s using AI to pick targets for airstrikes in the Middle East. This just shows how AI’s not just about cool tech stuff but has some serious moral questions to answer, like how it decides who or what is a target.

Alphabet’s Next Moves in the AI Chess Game

Doubling Down on AI Manners

All these troubles show that Alphabet needs to get its act together on making AI that doesn’t cross the line. As AI gets more into everyday life, making sure it’s used right and doesn’t spread false info or hurt people’s feelings is super important. Alphabet’s got a chance to lead the way in making AI that plays nice.

Shifting Gears for a Better Tomorrow

Putting Gemini AI on hold is Alphabet’s way of saying, “Okay, let’s fix this.” By taking time to make their AI smarter and more aware of touchy subjects, Alphabet’s hoping to bounce back stronger and avoid any more AI faceplants.

Hey, let’s dive into the drama and the game plan of Alphabet Inc. after they had to hit pause on their Gemini AI because it was making some pretty big mistakes. We’ll look at what this means for the tech world and how Alphabet’s trying to make things right with smarter, kinder AI.

FAQs: Alphabet’s AI Situation Simplified

1. Why did Alphabet Inc.’s stock price drop recently?
Alphabet Inc. saw its stock price fall by 4.4% because they had to stop their Gemini AI image creation tool. This tool was making mistakes in how it showed historical events and people, especially with racial inaccuracies. This mistake cost Alphabet a huge chunk of change, over $70 billion in market value, to be exact.

2. What was the problem with the Gemini AI feature?
Gemini AI was supposed to turn text into images, but it goofed up by not portraying historical figures and events correctly. This sparked a big conversation about the impact of AI on our understanding of history and important issues, like racial representation.

3. How is Alphabet planning to fix the Gemini AI issues?
Demis Hassabis from DeepMind, a part of Google, mentioned they’re going to bring back the AI faces feature but in a better, more accurate form. They aim to improve how the AI understands and represents human diversity and historical accuracy.

4. What does the Pentagon’s use of AI have to do with Alphabet’s AI controversy?
The Pentagon’s use of AI for identifying targets in airstrikes highlights the ethical considerations around AI use, similar to the ethical concerns raised by Alphabet’s AI blunders. Both situations underline the importance of responsible AI development that considers ethical implications.

5. What are Alphabet’s next steps in AI development?
Alphabet is focusing on enhancing the ethical development and accuracy of its AI technologies. By addressing the criticisms and improving their AI’s sensitivity to historical and racial depictions, Alphabet aims to reinforce its position in the market and ensure future AI developments avoid similar issues.

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