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Drama at Makhachkala Airport, Russia

What Happened?

There was a big scene at Makhachkala airport in Dagestan, Russia. A big group showed up angry at Israel. They were causing trouble, especially looking for people coming in from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Group of people in rally protesting

Main Events

The Chaos

Videos on social media showed a rowdy crowd moving through the airport. They even went onto where planes were parked. They were looking for anyone coming in from Tel Aviv.

What Was Done About It

The Russian aviation folks, called Rosaviatsia, said they got the situation under control quickly. Cops came in to help. They even closed the airport for a bit and said it would open again on 6 November.

What the Crowd Did

Videos showed a lot of people inside the airport. Some had Palestinian flags and were shouting about their beliefs. There were also stories that some of them were stopping cars outside, checking for Israeli passports.

Did Anyone Get Hurt?

Yes, the drama led to some people getting hurt. This has everyone worried about the safety of travelers, especially those from Israel.

Why Did This Happen?

Dagestan is a place in Russia where most people are Muslim. They have about 3.1 million people. The government there is looking into this big scene as a big problem. Even though the government supports Gaza, they said people shouldn’t do things like this. There are a lot of global protests going on about stuff Israel did in Gaza.

What People Are Saying

The head guy in Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, said the crowd did a bad thing at the airport. He talked on Telegram, a messaging app, saying it’s not cool to target people and check their stuff. He didn’t like that they were aggressive to women and kids. He said this makes Dagestan look bad.

Israel’s Side of Things

Israel’s government folks said they’re worried and want to keep Israeli people safe everywhere. They want strong action against those who did this. There’s also a story about a crowd outside a hotel in Khasavyurt in Dagestan. People thought Israelis were there. Police let some people go inside to check, and no Israelis were there.

In Short

What happened at this airport shows how complex world issues can affect regular people. It’s super important for leaders everywhere to make sure everyone is safe, no matter where they’re from or what they believe in.

Camera Recording a Public Protest
Camera Recording a Public Protest

FAQ for the Makhachkala Airport Incident

1. What happened at Makhachkala Airport?
A large group angry at Israel caused chaos at Makhachkala airport in Dagestan, Russia. They were especially looking for people arriving from Tel Aviv, Israel.

2. Did they harm the planes?
No, but the crowd went onto the areas where planes were parked, surrounding them.

3. How did the authorities respond?
The Russian aviation agency, Rosaviatsia, stepped in quickly. The police also arrived to handle the situation, and the airport was temporarily closed.

4. Were people injured?
Yes, some people got hurt because of the drama.

5. Why are people in Dagestan angry at Israel?
Many people in Dagestan are Muslim, and there are global protests against some actions Israel took in Gaza. Some in Dagestan support Gaza and showed their anger through this incident.

6. What did the Dagestan government say about this?
They’re investigating the airport scene as a big problem. While they support Gaza, they said people shouldn’t act like this.

7. How did Israel react to the incident?
Israel expressed concern and emphasized the need to keep Israelis safe everywhere. They want strong actions against those causing such disruptions.

8. Were there any other incidents related to this?
Yes, a crowd gathered outside a hotel in Khasavyurt, Dagestan, thinking Israelis were staying there. The police let some people check, but no Israelis were found.

9. What’s the main takeaway from this event?
This incident highlights how global issues can have local impacts, emphasizing the need for safety and understanding across countries and cultures.

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