Gold Armor
Endpoint Protection Solution
Gold Armor Protection
Linkdood Gold Armor Protection (LGP) analyzes performance deficit and security issues found in Windows OS. Our next-gen system and data level security solution guards your computer's system files and settings to protect important data, handle vulnerability issues, malware attacks as well as to provide users with ease of use in cleaning up unused files and protecting your PC data.
Features of Gold Armor
  • Private Space
    Similar to 'Personal Space' but with an added layer of login credentials which provides added file security
  • Portable Space
    Carries over the functionality of 'Personal Space' and 'Private Space' into a normal USB storage drive
  • Secure File
    Secure the files or folders by applying a dual layer security to the files or folders
  • Data Lock
    Lock or hide files and folders from being visible to others
  • System Security Check
    Overview of the current Windows operating system performance and security issues
  • System Shield
    Provides protection by implementing four key functionalities; 'Application Defender', 'Vulnerability Defense', 'Malware Detection' and 'Process Behavior'
  • My Schedule
    Create scheduled task lists or reminders to monitor daily planned tasks
  • Cleaner
    Clear all unnecessary Windows junk files that appear in the system
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