Linkdood Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection Solution
Linkdood Endpoint Protection
Linkdood Endpoint Protection (LEP) is a comprehensive desktop management endpoint protection solution which secures endpoint device security. LEP enforces an effective group of policies that ensures your endpoint system security cannot be compromised.
Features of LEP
  • File Integrity Check
    Prevent any unauthorized actions on file and record all activities on files.
  • Process Control
    Control endpoint process executions.
  • Screen Capture
    Capture screenshots or video recordings to monitor endpoint user's activity.
  • File Backup
    Periodically backup specific files from the endpoint to act as cloud storage system.
  • Internet Control
    Prevent unauthorized visit to websites and audit website browsing history.
  • Software Control
    Prevent installation of unauthorized software.
  •  Hardware Control
    Enables or disables hardware and performs audit when hardware change is detected.
  • Password Enforcement
    Ensure that endpoint users adhere to recommended password policies.
  • Junk File Cleaner
    Periodically clear junk files to ensure that system functions efficiently.
  • Resource Monitor
    Monitor endpoint resource usages to ensure that system runs normally.
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