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What’s New on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, usually the go-to site for job searches and professional networking, is now adding a cool twist—games! Like the New York Times with its puzzles, LinkedIn is launching three new games that are free to play. They’re designed to make networking fun and engaging, possibly changing how we connect with others professionally.

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Check Out These Networking Games!

Pinpoint: A Fun Word Game

Pinpoint is a word association game where you try to guess a connected word in five tries. It’s simple but makes you think outside the box, sparking friendly competition among friends and colleagues.

Queens: Think Before You Place

Queens involves placing crown emojis on a board strategically. The goal is to fill every row, column, and area with different colors without any crowns clashing. It’s all about planning and thinking ahead.

Crossclimb: Trivia Meets Word Puzzle

Crossclimb is a mix of crossword puzzles and word ladders. You’ll use your trivia knowledge and vocabulary to solve connected word challenges. Each solution changes the previous word slightly to become a new one, testing both your knowledge and word skills.

Why Games on a Professional Network?

Adding games to LinkedIn might seem odd at first, but games have been drawing people into newspapers for over a century, starting with the first crossword puzzle. LinkedIn’s idea is to use games to make professional networking more interactive and fun.

How This Could Change LinkedIn

Minda Smiley, an expert from Emarketer, believes that introducing games could make LinkedIn more than just a career site. It could become a place where you hang out more often, engage with others, and even attract new companies and advertisers with its higher user activity.

Jump into LinkedIn’s new game feature to play cool puzzles and word games that not only are fun but also help you make new professional connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LinkedIn’s New Gaming Feature

1. Why is LinkedIn adding games to a professional networking site?

LinkedIn is all about connecting people, and what better way to break the ice and foster connections than through games? By adding fun, interactive games to the platform, LinkedIn is trying to make networking more engaging and less intimidating. It’s a fresh way to interact with your connections while still keeping things professional.

2. Are these games free to play, and do I need any special software?

Yes, all the games—Pinpoint, Queens, and Crossclimb—are completely free to play for all LinkedIn users. You don’t need any special software either. Just log in to your LinkedIn account, and you can start playing right away. It’s designed to be easy and accessible for everyone, whether you’re on your coffee break or commuting.

3. How can playing games on LinkedIn help me professionally?

Playing these games can enhance your thinking and strategic planning skills, which are valuable in any career. They also offer a unique way to interact with other professionals. For example, you can invite a colleague to play a game of Queens, which could lead to a conversation about a shared project or interest. It’s a relaxed, fun way to strengthen your professional relationships and network in a way that doesn’t feel forced or formal.

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