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Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard: New Changes and Promise for Better Gaming

In 2022, Microsoft announced they wanted to buy a big gaming company called Activision Blizzard. This was to make gaming more fun and innovative for everyone, no matter what device they use. But before they could do that, they had to make some changes to their plan.

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Cloud Gaming Issues

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had some concerns about how the deal would affect cloud gaming (that’s gaming directly from the internet without needing to download anything). Microsoft listened and changed their plan to make sure everything was fair.

New Game Streaming Deal

The big change? Microsoft decided to give the rights to stream Activision Blizzard’s games on the cloud for the next 15 years to another popular gaming company, Ubisoft. This means Ubisoft will handle streaming these games to PCs and consoles.

Diverse women game developers creating game interface
Diverse women game developers creating game interface

Teaming Up with Ubisoft

By working with Ubisoft, Microsoft is making sure there’s more variety and creativity in how games are streamed online. Ubisoft might come up with new ways to pay for games or new deals, which could make things more interesting for gamers.

How the Business Works

So, how does this deal work? Ubisoft will pay Microsoft for the right to stream Activision Blizzard’s games. The amount they pay will depend on how many people are playing. Plus, Ubisoft will also make these games available to other cloud gaming services, even those that don’t run on Windows. So, more gamers can enjoy them!

Software company workers team brainstorming game design ideas
Software company workers team brainstorming game design ideas

Following the Rules

Microsoft is also making sure to follow all the rules in Europe. They’re working closely with European officials to ensure everything is done right and that other cloud gaming services are not left out.

The Bigger Picture

Even with these changes, Microsoft’s main goal remains: to make gaming better for everyone around the world. They’ve listened to feedback, made changes, and are now one step closer to making the world of gaming more diverse and fun.

Engineer analysing cad software to develop video game
Engineer analysing cad software to develop video game

In Short: Better Gaming Ahead

Microsoft’s decision to buy Activision Blizzard and then work with Ubisoft shows they’re serious about making gaming awesome for everyone. By listening to concerns and being flexible, they’re setting up for a future where all players benefit. So, get ready for some exciting times in gaming!

FAQ: Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, and Ubisoft – What’s Happening?

Q: Why did Microsoft want to buy Activision Blizzard?
A: Microsoft wanted to enhance and innovate gaming for everyone. By acquiring Activision Blizzard, they aim to bring more creativity and improved gaming experiences to players regardless of the device they’re using.

Q: What was the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority’s concern?
A: The CMA was worried about how this acquisition would affect cloud gaming. They wanted to ensure that the gaming industry remains competitive and fair.

Q: How did Microsoft address this concern?
A: Microsoft decided to let Ubisoft, another big gaming company, handle the cloud streaming rights for Activision Blizzard’s games for the next 15 years. This move aims to keep the cloud gaming scene diverse and competitive.

Q: Will Ubisoft own Activision Blizzard games now?
A: No, Ubisoft will not own the games. They’ll only have the rights to stream Activision Blizzard’s games on the cloud. This means they’ll handle how these games are played online without any downloads.

Q: How does Ubisoft benefit from this deal?
A: Ubisoft will have the chance to introduce new ways to stream these games, possibly coming up with fresh pricing strategies or offers. Plus, they can expand the reach of these games to more platforms and players.

Q: Will this change affect gamers using non-Windows platforms?
A: Actually, it’s good news for them! Ubisoft will also make these games available on cloud gaming services that don’t run on Windows, increasing accessibility for gamers on different platforms.

Q: Is Microsoft facing any other challenges with this acquisition?
A: While Microsoft has addressed many concerns by teaming up with Ubisoft, they’re still actively working with European officials to ensure they meet all regulations and keep the gaming industry fair and competitive.

Q: What does this mean for the future of gaming?
A: This collaboration signals a future where gaming companies work together for the benefit of players. With Microsoft’s resources and Ubisoft’s innovative approach, players can look forward to a more diverse and exciting gaming world.

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