Network Access Control
Border Security Solution
Network Access Control
Linkdood Network Access Control (NAC) is a computer networking system that establishes a highly sophisticated intranet security check which effectively cuts vulnerabilities from its source.

It counters the problems of spyware, adware, malware, ransomware, virus spread, unauthorized information disclosure, unwanted occupation of outside enterprise networks, information resources, and unauthorized access by untrustworthy terminals. Through SNMP and RLOGIN technologies, the NAC gives you absolute control over your network.
Features of Network Access Control
  • Smart Identification Terminal
    Provide strong technology to auto-collect network data. Real-time monitoring of devices can automatically detect terminal IP, MAC, host name, terminal type and operation system.
  • 2-Level Control
    Control of terminals connected to key links through flow monitoring and message processing; control of terminals connected to intranet by switch in access layer through their own access control ability.
  • 8 Access Modes
    According to enterprise network environment, provide access modes such as by-pass monitoring, policy routing and transparent bridge based on keylinks;802.1X, SNMP, GARP, GACL and DHCP based on port.
  • Individualized Access Notification
    Provides custom page notifications during terminal access. For example, registration validation, identity authentication, security check, etc.
  • Prevents Unauthorized Access
    Isolates any unauthorized endpoints that are physically plugged in, or connected to a wireless network.
  • Temporary Guest Access
    Grants timed access permissions to ensure guest accessed sessions are controlled.
  • Web Content Filtering
    Controls what website endpoints are allowed to browse.
  • Flexible Deployment  
    Supports various access modes before access layer, convergence layer, core layer and service area to meet the requirements. Cleaning up hazards of untrustworthy terminals accessing network.
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