Mission OS Phone
Customized Innovation Mobile Solution
Mission OS Phone
Linkdood's Mission OS Phone is integrated with the next-gen Mission OS and LCP. Not only does it offer in-depth customization, it is also developed with a series of EMM interfaces for comprehensive real-time management. A perfectly balance mobility with security for your company, this custom-made encrypted phone will give you absolute anonymity, taking your business even further.
Safe, Efficient, and Professional
  • Data Isolation and Protection
    Customization for Data Safety. The data created during work only stays in the Mission OS, which avoids data leakage
  • Phone Healthcare and Virus Prevention
    Customization for Phone Safety. Monitor the health of each App in the Mission OS to avoid viruses and malware from being installed
  • Unify App Management
    Customization for Efficiency and Long Battery Life. Only installs Whitelist Apps specifically designed for this Mission cellphone, operating in full-power with the best performance performance.Customization for Efficiency and long battery
  • One-Click To Start
    Customization for Mobility. With a single click, stay connected and do mission anytime anywhere
End-to-End Encryption
Complies with International Encryption Standards. Adopt your own encryption algorithm
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