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Fintech is transforming the way we handle money, and it’s evolving super fast! Whether you’re looking to start a career in fintech or just curious about the latest trends, here are ten must-visit conferences around the globe.

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1. Money20/20Las Vegas, USA (Oct 22-25, 2023)

This is like the Coachella of fintech! It’s packed with over 13,000 experts discussing everything from banking to startups. Some big names like Anand Selvakesari (Citi COO) and Zach Perret (Plaid CEO) will be there. Expect to learn a lot about building trust in finance.

2. FinTech Festival TanzaniaDar Es Salaam, Tanzania (Nov 8-9, 2023)

Want to know how fintech is doing in Africa? This festival is a melting pot of ideas, focusing on digital banking and InsurTech, among other things. It’s a chance to hear from influential people like Adeshina Adewumi (Trade Lenda CEO).

3. Benzinga Fintech AwardsNew York City, USA (Nov 13, 2023)

Organized by Benzinga, a cool financial news site, this award show brings leaders in fintech to NYC. It’s less about lectures and more about networking and one-to-one meetings. You’ll get to know what’s hot in capital markets fintech.

4. Singapore FinTech WeekSingapore (Nov 15-17, 2023)

Singapore is a hotspot for fintech, and this event is all about AI in financial services. With over 62,000 participants, it’s a chance to meet founders, regulators, and investors from all over the world and explore the power of AI in finance.

5. FinTech ConnectLondon, UK (Dec 6-7, 2023)

In its tenth year now, this conference explores digital innovation, payments, and security in fintech. With discussions led by experts like Jeremy Takle (Pennyworth CEO), it offers insights into the human and digital aspects of banking.

6. World Economic Forum (WEF)Davos, Switzerland (Jan 15-19, 2024)

WEF isn’t just about fintech, but it’s a big part of the discussion. It’s where world leaders and business bigwigs talk about global challenges and tech opportunities. A great place to understand how fintech fits into the global picture.

7. Fintech World 24Berlin, Germany (Mar 13-14, 2024)

This Berlin-based event is all about the dialogue around disruptive tech and business models in Europe. It’s themed around areas like Investment and Crypto, making it the go-to place to understand fintech trends in Europe.

8. New York Fintech WeekNew York City, USA (Apr 8-12, 2024)

This is a week-long celebration of fintech in NYC, featuring tons of events and over 4,000 entrepreneurs. It’s all about collaboration and networking in the fintech scene on the East Coast.

9. IFGS Global SummitLondon, UK (May 14-16, 2024)

This is the OG of fintech conferences, where startups and policymakers come together to talk fintech. Expect top-level speakers from leading fintech companies and governments around the world.

10. Dubai FinTech SummitDubai, UAE (May 6-7, 2024)

Dubai is one of the top fintech hubs in the world. This summit is expected to redefine the standards of financial innovation globally, focusing on topics like digital payments and open finance.

Let’s Recap!

If you’re into fintech, these conferences are your ticket to understanding the future of finance. They’re like the live gigs of the finance world, where you can learn, network, and maybe even meet your future employer! So, grab your backpack, mark your calendar, and get ready for a fintech adventure! See you there!

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FAQ Section

Q: Why should a student attend these fintech conferences?

A: Students should consider attending these conferences to gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the fintech sector. They can network with industry professionals, learn about career opportunities, and potentially connect with future employers or collaborators.

Q: How can students get tickets to these conferences?

A: Most conference tickets can be purchased directly from the event’s official website. Students should look out for early-bird prices or student discounts, if available, and consider registering in advance to secure their spots.

Q: Are there any virtual attendance options for these conferences?

A: Many conferences offer virtual attendance options or live-stream key sessions due to the ongoing global circumstances. Students should check the conference’s official website for detailed information on virtual participation.

Q: How can students prepare for networking at these events?

A: Students can prepare by researching the companies and speakers that will be present, preparing a list of questions or topics they are interested in, and having a concise and clear self-introduction ready. Carrying business cards or having a LinkedIn account can also facilitate networking.

Q: Is there any chance of gaining internship opportunities at these conferences?

A: Yes, many companies attend these conferences looking for fresh talent, and there might be opportunities to discuss internships or entry-level positions. Being prepared with a resume and being proactive in starting conversations can increase the chances of securing opportunities.

Q: Can attending these conferences count as credit towards my degree?

A: This depends on your college or university’s policies. Students should check with their academic advisors or career counselors to determine if conference attendance can be counted as academic credit or as part of professional development activities.

Q: How can students stay updated on the latest news and announcements from these conferences?

A: Students can follow the conferences on social media, subscribe to their newsletters, or regularly check their official websites for the most recent updates, schedules, and announcements.

Q: Are these conferences suitable for students from non-finance majors?

A: Absolutely! Fintech is interdisciplinary, involving fields like computer science, business, economics, and law. These conferences can provide valuable insights and learning experiences for students from a variety of academic backgrounds interested in technology and innovation in finance.

Q: How can students maximize the learning experience from these conferences?

A: To get the most out of these events, students should attend as many sessions as possible, actively participate in Q&A sessions, and engage with speakers and attendees during networking events. Taking notes and reflecting on the learned material can also enhance understanding and retention.

Q: Will students have the opportunity to present their ideas or projects at these conferences?

A: Some conferences do offer opportunities for emerging talent to showcase their ideas, through pitch competitions or dedicated sessions for startups and students. Interested students should check the conference websites for submission deadlines and guidelines to present their work.


These FAQs should hopefully give students a better understanding of the what, why, and how of attending fintech conferences. Use them as a guide to navigate your way through these events and make the most of the opportunities they provide!

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