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We’re diving into the top money moves in tech this week, thanks to the info from Crunchbase! AI is becoming super popular and is showing up everywhere. It’s like the cool new kid on the block everyone wants to hang out with.

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1. Mapbox: $280 Million

Mapbox, from San Francisco, is a company that’s making maps way smarter. They’ve just scored $280 million, led by SoftBank. Big companies like Toyota trust Mapbox to make their cars smarter and safer. So far, they’ve collected over $600 million in total. Yeah, they’re kind of a big deal in making transportation cooler and more advanced.

2. Openly: $100 Million

Openly, based in Boston, is changing how we do home insurance, making it simpler and smarter. They’ve raised $100 million to help independent insurance agents do their jobs better and serve you better. This funding means Openly is set to shake things up more in the insurance game.

3. Pryon: $100 Million

Pryon, from North Carolina, is another AI company, but they help businesses manage their knowledge better. They got $100 million. Basically, they’re like the super brain for companies helping them know and remember stuff better.

4. Writer: $100 Million

Writer is another San Francisco company. They’ve also secured $100 million. They help businesses create content with AI, helping departments like sales and HR. Big names like Spotify and Uber are already using them.

5. Dragos: $74 Million

Dragos is all about keeping industrial operations safe from cyber threats, and they’ve secured $74 million to do just that. They’re the guardians of the industrial world, making sure everything runs smoothly and safely.

6. Harbinger Motors: $60 Million

Harbinger Motors, from California, is focusing on developing electric vehicle tech, having secured $60 million. They are pretty new but are already making waves in the EV scene, showing a lot of promise in making transportation greener.

7. Hyku Biosciences: $56 Million

Hyku Biosciences, from Massachusetts, is a biotech startup that got a whopping $56 million seed round. They’re working on some revolutionary stuff in biotech, aiming to solve complex health problems.

8. MotherDuck: $52.5 Million

Seattle’s MotherDuck is in the data game. They scored $52.5 million. They’re making strides in data analytics, helping organizations make more informed decisions.

9. $50 Million Club

  • HiddenLayer: A Texas-based AI security company.
  • Magnet Biomedicine: Based in Massachusetts, focusing on biomedicine.
  • Rail Modal Group: A New York-based supply chain startup.
  • ReCode Therapeutics: Based in Dallas, working on therapeutics.

These companies each got $50 million, showing off a range of cool innovations from different sectors in tech.

Global Scene:

Mapbox’s funding is big news globally, second only to China-based FAW Pentium, a car maker who raised almost 9 million.


In simple terms, the list is made by tracking the largest announced funding rounds in the Crunchbase database for U.S.-based companies from September 16 to September 22.


Getting funding is crucial for innovation and progress. This week saw some big money moves in diverse fields like AI, insurance, electric vehicles, and more. It’s important to stay informed about these advancements, whether you’re a student, a business owner, or just a tech enthusiast, as they are shaping the future in exciting ways.

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FAQ Section:

Q1: What is this article all about?

  • A: This article talks about the biggest investments in tech companies this week. It’s like looking at which of the tech “cool kids” got the most lunch money.

Q2: Who got the most investment this week?

  • A: Mapbox, a company in San Francisco that’s making maps and transportation smarter, scored the most, with $280 million!

Q3: Are these companies all about tech and AI?

  • A: Mostly, yes. Many of these companies are using AI and other tech innovations to change things up in areas like insurance, content creation, and vehicle technology.

Q4: Which company is making cars smarter and safer?

  • A: That’d be Mapbox. They are working on location mapping to make automated driving more advanced and secure.

Q5: Which company is changing the home insurance game?

  • A: Openly is working on this. They’re using tech to help independent insurance agents and streamline the whole insurance process.

Q6: Is there a company focused on environmental solutions?

  • A: Yes! Harbinger Motors is working on tech for electric vehicles, aiming to play a significant part in the move towards more sustainable transportation.

Q7: Who is protecting industrial operations from cyber threats?

  • A: Dragos is the guardian here, ensuring that industrial operations are secure from any cyber dangers.

Q8: Any companies focusing on healthcare solutions?

  • A: Yes, Hyku Biosciences is a biotech startup working to bring innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.

Q9: Which company is helping businesses manage knowledge better?

  • A: Pryon is doing this by providing AI-driven knowledge management solutions.

Q10: Is there a global perspective in the article?

  • A: Absolutely. The article mentions Mapbox and FAW Pentium, a China-based car maker, emphasizing the global significance of tech investments.

Q11: How was the list created?

  • A: The list was made by tracking the largest announced funding rounds in the Crunchbase database for U.S.-based companies over a week.

Q12: Why is this information important for college students?

  • A: Knowing about these investments is cool because it shows where the future is headed. Whether you’re studying business, tech, or just curious about what’s next, it’s exciting to see how these innovations are shaping our world.

Sources Crunchbase

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