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Let’s break down the coolest and biggest tech news from October 2023. Here’s what you should know:

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1. Hello, Gutsy!

A brand new cybersecurity company, Gutsy, popped up this month. It was started by three experts from a well-known tech company. They managed to raise $51 million right from the start. What’s cool about them? They use some advanced techniques to help companies strengthen their digital security.

2. SD-WAN’s Cool Report by Gartner

So, there’s this thing called SD-WAN, and Gartner (a big research company) released a report on it. The report talks about the leading companies in this space and how SD-WAN is mixing with some other tech like SASE and artificial intelligence. In simple terms, SD-WAN is getting better and smarter.

3. Who’s Leading in SD-WAN? IDC Tells Us

Another company, IDC, gave their opinion on who’s boss in the SD-WAN world. They noticed a 25% growth in the market last year and think it’ll be worth $7.5 billion by 2027. The main reason? It’s helping companies save money and work better.

4. MEF’s New SASE Stamp of Approval

There’s been some confusion about a tech called SASE. So, MEF decided to create a special certification to help clear things up. Now, companies can get this badge to show they’re legit.

5. Changes at Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, a big tech company, announced they’re making some changes. They’re trying to focus more on what’s important and, unfortunately, this means letting go of about 440 employees.

6. Fortinet’s Cool New Tech for Offices

Fortinet released some new devices, FortiSwitch 600 and 2000, for offices. What’s special? They have AI-driven features and are perfect for companies where employees are returning to work.

7. Big Battle in the Data Center World

Google, Azure, and AWS are the big players when it comes to massive data centers. A research group found that these three companies own a huge 65% of the market. That’s some serious dominance!

8. Nvidia Teams Up with Oracle Cloud

Nvidia, known for their AI tech, is partnering with Oracle Cloud. This is a big deal and can make Oracle even more powerful in the AI space.

9. Broadcom’s Big Announcement

At a big European tech conference, Broadcom showed off their new device that can help with faster internet connections. It’s a step forward in making our online experiences smoother.

10. Trending Tech Terms: Zero-Trust and AI

There’s a lot of chatter about terms like zero-trust security and AI. As they become more popular, it’s a good idea for everyone, especially students, to learn more about them.

To sum it up, October 2023 had a lot going on in the tech world. Whether you’re studying tech or just interested, it’s always cool to know the latest happenings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What’s Gutsy?
A: Gutsy is a new cybersecurity startup that launched in October 2023. They focus on using advanced techniques to help businesses improve their digital security.

Q2: What’s the big deal about SD-WAN?
A: SD-WAN is a technology that helps networks work better and more efficiently. Two big research companies, Gartner and IDC, released reports this month highlighting its growth and the leading companies in this space.

Q3: Who’s leading the SD-WAN market?
A: IDC released insights on this. While they haven’t named specific companies, they’ve noticed a significant growth in the market and believe it’s because SD-WAN helps businesses save money and operate better.

Q4: What’s MEF’s SASE certification about?
A: Due to some confusion in the SASE tech market, MEF introduced a certification to help clarify things. Companies can now get this certification to show they meet certain standards.

Q5: Why is Juniper Networks in the news?
A: Juniper Networks announced a restructuring plan which involves refocusing their resources. Sadly, this means they’ll be cutting around 440 jobs.

Q6: What did Fortinet release?
A: Fortinet launched the FortiSwitch 600 and 2000 campus switches. These are devices with AI features, designed for offices, especially considering the trend of employees returning to work.

Q7: Who are the big players in the data center market?
A: Google, Azure, and AWS are dominating, holding a massive 65% of the global market share.

Q8: What’s the Nvidia and Oracle Cloud partnership about?
A: Nvidia, a major AI tech company, is teaming up with Oracle Cloud. This partnership aims to boost Oracle’s capabilities in the AI domain.

Q9: Tell me about Broadcom’s new device.
A: Broadcom unveiled a device that promotes faster internet connections. They introduced it at a significant European tech conference, hinting at advancements in optical networking technologies.

Q10: Why should I care about Zero-Trust and AI?
A: Both are trending tech terms that are becoming more central in the digital world. Understanding them can be beneficial, especially for students and those in the tech field.

Remember, staying updated with tech news can give you an edge in discussions, assignments, or even just casual tech chats with friends!

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