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Meet Victoria Shi

Who She Is and How She Was Made

Ukraine has launched a new AI spokesperson named Victoria Shi for its foreign ministry. This is a big deal because she’s the first digital spokesperson used in diplomacy. Victoria was introduced on social media and isn’t just a computer-generated face; she represents Ukraine’s effort to mix new technology with government work.

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The Tech Behind Her

Victoria Shi looks and sounds like Rosalie Nombre, a singer and former reality TV star from Ukraine. Using Nombre’s image for Victoria mixes popular culture with new tech. While Victoria will be the face and voice of announcements, real people will still handle the creation and checking of the information she delivers to make sure everything said is correct and true.

Benefits of Using Victoria

Saving Time and Effort

According to Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, the main goal of using an AI spokesperson is to free up time and resources. This way, the diplomatic staff can focus on more important tasks rather than repetitive announcements, making the ministry more effective.

Keeping Things Secure

To ensure that people can trust what Victoria says, each of her announcements will come with a QR code. This code will take users to a text version of her statements on the ministry’s official website, helping to prevent false information.

Potential Issues and Impact on Culture

How People Might React

Victoria Shi will often talk about sensitive issues, like the current policy that stops men of fighting age who live abroad from using consular services. Using an AI for such serious topics could lead to mixed feelings among people, as they might miss the human touch in such communications.

Representing Modern Ukraine

Victoria Shi is more than just a spokesperson. Modeled after Rosalie Nombre, who is known for speaking up for mixed-race Ukrainians and Russian speakers, Victoria could also symbolize diversity and modern values in Ukrainian diplomacy.

Learn about how Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry is using Victoria Shi, an AI spokesperson based on a popular cultural figure, to make diplomatic communication more efficient and modern.

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Here are three FAQs based on the article about Ukraine’s AI-generated spokesperson, Victoria Shi:

FAQ 1: Who is Victoria Shi?

Answer: Victoria Shi is the AI-generated spokesperson for Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry. She is a digital avatar, created to represent the ministry in public communications. Her appearance and voice are modeled after Rosalie Nombre, a Ukrainian singer and former reality TV contestant, blending cultural elements with advanced technology.

FAQ 2: What is the purpose of using an AI spokesperson in the Foreign Ministry?

Answer: The primary goal of introducing an AI spokesperson like Victoria Shi is to save time and resources within the ministry. By automating the delivery of routine public statements, the diplomatic staff can focus more on critical and strategic tasks, increasing the ministry’s overall efficiency.

FAQ 3: How does Ukraine ensure the authenticity of statements made by Victoria Shi?

Answer: To maintain trust and prevent misinformation, each of Victoria Shi’s announcements includes a QR code. This code links directly to a text version of the statements on the official Foreign Ministry website, allowing the public to verify the information easily.

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