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AI in K-pop: What’s Happening and What Fans Think

K-pop is starting to use more artificial intelligence in making music, sparking different opinions from fans and artists. The boy band Seventeen has been at the forefront, using AI to create parts of their music videos and maybe even in writing their songs. When they launched their new album “Maestro,” Woozi, one of the members, talked about their use of AI in songwriting and their goal to keep up with new technology.

How Songwriting is Changing

Using AI in songwriting isn’t just about trying new tech—it’s changing how songs are made. Seventeen is mixing AI with traditional music-making, showing a big shift in how K-pop operates. Not everyone is sure about this change, especially fans who worry that the music might lose its personal feel, which comes from the artists themselves.

What Fans Think About AI Music

Fans are divided about using AI. Some, like a fan named Ashley Peralta, think AI is a helpful tool that helps artists get past creative blocks. Others are worried it might make the music feel less personal, as they value songs that truly reflect the artists’ emotions and thoughts. This discussion also touches on wider issues in the music industry, with some praising the innovation AI brings and others concerned it could make music less genuine.

Industry Views: What the Pros Say

Chris Nairn, a well-known producer and songwriter in the K-pop scene, notes that South Korea’s music industry loves to innovate. He points out that while AI can create good music, it can’t come up with new ideas on its own, which is important to keep music exciting and fresh.

The Good and Bad of AI in K-pop

Using AI is a mixed bag for K-pop. It could help South Korea’s music industry stay on the cutting edge, but it also risks losing what makes K-pop special. Finding the right balance between using new tech and keeping music authentic is a big topic among both producers and fans.

Learn about the impact of AI on K-pop, from what the industry thinks to how fans feel, and see how the genre is dealing with both the opportunities and challenges of new technology.

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FAQs on K-pop’s AI Experiment

1. How is AI being used in K-pop music production?

AI is being used in various ways in K-pop, including generating scenes in music videos and assisting in songwriting. For example, the boy band Seventeen has incorporated AI technology in their recent music video and potentially in their song lyrics, aiming to blend AI with traditional music production methods.

2. What are fans’ reactions to the use of AI in K-pop?

Fans have mixed feelings about AI in K-pop. Some fans, like Ashley Peralta, view AI as a helpful tool for overcoming creative blocks and aiding artists in their work. However, other fans are concerned that AI might diminish the personal touch and authenticity in music, which they value as a reflection of the artists’ true emotions and thoughts.

3. What do industry professionals think about AI in K-pop?

Industry professionals, such as producer Chris Nairn, acknowledge the innovative spirit of South Korea’s music scene. They recognize that while AI can produce high-quality content, it lacks the ability to innovate independently, which is crucial for maintaining the unique and creative standards in music production. The challenge lies in balancing technological advancements with preserving the authentic essence of K-pop music.

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