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In a world where doing things faster and better matters a lot, big companies like Google and Microsoft are bringing in some cool tech to help businesses. One of these is Google’s new Duet AI in their Workspace suite, which is all set to make teamwork and tasks a lot easier.

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What’s Duet AI?

Google’s Duet AI is like merging smart computer tech (AI) with everyday work apps. It’s there to help users do stuff like write text, create images, and make notes from meetings. Think of it as a super-smart helper for your work.

What’s the Price?

Google is charging businesses $30 for each person using Duet AI every month. What’s interesting is Microsoft has a similar tool, the 365 Copilot, and they’re also charging $30 per user per month. So, both big companies think this tech is really valuable.

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Google vs. Microsoft: Who’s Cooler?

Both Google’s Duet AI and Microsoft’s 365 Copilot are about making their work products smarter with AI. It’s like a race to see who can make work more fun and easier with this new tech.

What Can Duet AI Do?

Duet AI is super versatile. If you’re using Google apps like Gmail, Docs, Slides, or Sheets, Duet AI can help you do tasks more simply. For example, you can give it a short instruction, and it might write a longer piece of text for you or even create an image. Plus, it’s great for planning projects or making notes from online meetings.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The $30 every month for Duet AI is set so businesses see its worth and find it affordable. Google even lets businesses try it out for free first, to see if they like it.

Who’s Using Duet AI?

Google says 10 million people are paying to use Workspace, which includes Duet AI. And over a million people tested Duet AI to help Google make it better. For example, the brand Adore Me used it to help write stuff for their products.

What About Microsoft’s Tool?

Microsoft’s 365 Copilot is doing something similar to Duet AI. They even have a special early access program where people can pay to use it first. It shows just how big this whole AI-for-work thing is becoming.

What’s Next?

Duet AI in Google Workspace is leading to a world where teamwork and tasks are super easy and fun. Combining smart tech with work tools is the next big thing. For businesses, paying a month for each user is like buying a ticket to an awesome tech future. So, it’s a world where work gets done quicker, ideas flow better, and teamwork is on another level. All in all, it’s an exciting time for anyone in the work world!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Duet AI

What is Duet AI?

Duet AI is a tool by Google that adds artificial intelligence (AI) to its Workspace suite of apps like Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Sheets. It’s designed to make your work tasks easier, more creative, and more efficient.

How does Duet AI work?

Duet AI helps by generating text, images, and meeting notes based on your commands. For example, you can type a short prompt in Google Docs, and Duet AI will expand it into a more detailed text or even create an image for you.

How much does it cost?

Duet AI is priced at $30 per user per month. This is in line with Microsoft’s 365 Copilot, which offers similar features.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, Google offers a free trial for businesses interested in testing out Duet AI before committing to a subscription.

How do I get started with Duet AI?

To start using Duet AI, you’ll need to be part of a Google Workspace account that has subscribed to Duet AI. Once that’s done, you’ll find AI-based suggestions and options within the Google apps you normally use for work.

Who else is using Duet AI?

Google claims that 10 million people are already using their paid Workspace apps, which now include Duet AI. Big brands like Adore Me have also started using Duet AI for tasks like content creation.

What’s Microsoft’s equivalent to Duet AI?

Microsoft has a similar tool called 365 Copilot, also priced at $30 per user per month. Like Duet AI, it brings AI functionalities to Microsoft’s suite of office applications.

How does Duet AI compare to 365 Copilot?

Both Duet AI and 365 Copilot aim to add AI-powered features to their respective suites of office apps. While Duet AI is integrated with Google’s Workspace, 365 Copilot is part of Microsoft 365. The exact features might differ, but the goal is the same: make your work easier and more efficient.

What types of businesses could benefit from Duet AI?

Pretty much any business that wants to make their work processes faster and more efficient could benefit from Duet AI. This is especially true for teams that rely heavily on content creation, data analysis, or frequent virtual meetings.

Is Duet AI a game-changer?

While it’s too early to tell for sure, the integration of AI into popular office apps has the potential to greatly streamline many types of work tasks. At $30 per user per month, it could be a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to up their productivity game.

Can I use Duet AI for my school projects?

If your educational institution uses Google Workspace and has subscribed to Duet AI, then yes, you can use it for your school projects to make them more creative and well-structured.

That wraps up the FAQ! If you have more questions, stay tuned for updates as more people start using these awesome new tools.

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