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Greece Faces Major Flooding: A Big Problem for the Country

Greece is currently dealing with some really intense rain that’s causing a lot of problems. This isn’t just a regular rainy day – it’s causing massive flooding all over the country.


So Much Rain!

In just one day, Greece got hit with tons of rain. This is because there’s this huge low-pressure system (basically a big storm) that’s just sitting over the country and pouring down on them. This rain is so much that the usual drains and systems they have in place can’t handle it.

Greece’s main leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said that this storm is super intense. He’s asking everyone to listen to what local officials say and work together to get through this tough time.

Where It’s Really Bad

The worst part of this flooding is in the middle of Greece. Places like the island of Evia and the Sporades Islands are also getting hit hard. Sadly, people have been hurt. In a village called Agios Georgios near a city named Volos, a wall fell and killed someone. Another person got taken by the water in his car near Volos.

To keep everyone safe, officials aren’t allowing cars to move around in some of these areas. Even a hospital in Volos got flooded!

Rain clouds in distant plains near mountains

About the Storm

This storm has a name – “Daniel.” It’s slowly moving across Greece towards the sea. But even as it moves, it’s still causing problems. More rain and flooding are expected in the next couple of days.

There are warnings, especially for areas near the coast, because of big thunderstorms. This storm might even turn into something like a hurricane but in the Mediterranean. They call these “medicanes.” Just like hurricanes, they can cause a lot of damage near the coasts.

Why This Matters

Greece has already had a tough summer. There were big fires that damaged a lot of places. Some scientists say that these extreme weather events, like too much rain or heat, are signs of bigger climate issues. If we keep using things that harm the planet, these kinds of bad weather events will keep happening more often.

Right now, Greece is working together to deal with this flood. This shows that even when things get tough, people can come together and help each other out. It’s also a reminder that we should pay attention to climate change and try to make things better for the future.

Autumn landscape, foggy road in forest

FAQ About Greece’s Major Flooding Crisis

What’s happening in Greece right now?

Greece is facing an extreme weather event where tons of rain has fallen in just one day, leading to massive flooding. This has severely affected the middle of Greece, as well as some islands like Evia and the Sporades Islands.

Why is this flooding so bad?

The storm, named “Daniel,” is a low-pressure system that’s been dumping a huge amount of rain on the country. The drainage systems in many areas just can’t handle this level of water, so flooding has been extreme.

How are the authorities responding?

Local officials have acted quickly. In some of the worst-affected areas, they’ve stopped traffic movement to keep people safe. Emergency services are doing their best to assist citizens and prevent further tragedy.

Has anyone been hurt or killed?

Yes, unfortunately. In the village of Agios Georgios near the city of Volos, a wall collapsed due to the flooding and killed a person. Another individual was swept away in his car near the same city and remains missing.

What areas are most affected?

Central Greece is getting hit the hardest. Some islands like Evia and the Sporades Islands are also badly affected. There are red warnings especially along the east-facing coastlines.

What’s a “medicane”?

A medicane is basically a Mediterranean hurricane. It’s a low-pressure system that can bring weather similar to a hurricane, including heavy rain and high winds. There’s a chance that “Daniel” could turn into a medicane.

What about the hospitals and other critical infrastructure?

Even hospitals have been affected. For example, the local hospital in Volos was flooded. This puts extra strain on services and infrastructure that are already stretched thin.

How is this related to climate change?

Scientists point out that the extreme weather events happening in Greece, including both the recent flooding and earlier wildfires, are likely signs of climate change. As the planet continues to warm due to human activities like burning fossil fuels, such extreme weather events are expected to happen more frequently.

What can people do to stay safe?

Follow the directives issued by local authorities. Stay indoors if you’re in a threatened area, move to higher ground if needed, and avoid driving on flooded roads. Keep an eye on weather updates and emergency alerts.

What’s being done about future prevention?

The current focus is on immediate response, but this event will likely spark discussions on how to improve infrastructure and planning to better handle extreme weather in the future. It’s also a wakeup call for more global action on climate change.

Sources CNN


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