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There was a big explosion at a hospital in Gaza recently. It’s been all over the news, and lots of people are talking about it. This article will break down the main points so you can understand what happened.

The Explosion: What We Know

A video shows the exact moment when the Al-Alhi Baptist Hospital went up in flames. It’s a super intense scene. Dr. Fadel Na’eem, a senior doctor there, was doing a surgery when the blast hit. People panicked and ran around, and many were hurt. Photos and videos on social media showed kids covered in dust and hurt, and lots of people who didn’t make it. The Health Ministry in Gaza said over 400 people died.

Who’s Blaming Who?

After the explosion, the blame game started. Palestinian officials said it was Israel’s fault, but Israel said no way and blamed a group called Islamic Jihad. They said this group accidentally fired a rocket that caused the explosion. Israel even shared some audio recordings to support their side, but no one knows if these recordings are real. Israel also showed some pictures saying the blast was from the ground, not from the air.

What Does the US Think?

The U.S. has its own thoughts. President Joe Biden visited Israel and told them he thinks it wasn’t their fault. The U.S. National Security Council backed this up, saying that it was probably a rocket from the ground, not an airstrike. But the U.S. is still checking things out.

What’s the World Saying?

People around the world are super upset about the hospital explosion. Many countries want a deep investigation to figure out what really happened. Some Middle Eastern countries are blaming Israel and have had big protests about it.


So, there was a big explosion at a Gaza hospital, and no one’s exactly sure who caused it. Some blame Israel, others blame Palestinian groups. What’s clear is that it’s a huge tragedy, and people want answers. Until we know more, it’s essential to remember the people affected and hope that the truth comes out soon.

FAQ: The Gaza Hospital Explosion

1. What happened at the Gaza hospital?
A massive explosion occurred at the Al-Alhi Baptist Hospital in Gaza. This devastating event resulted in chaos, numerous injuries, and a death toll exceeding 400, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza.

2. Who is being blamed for the explosion?
There are differing opinions. Palestinian officials accuse Israel, saying they’re responsible. However, Israel counters this, blaming the Islamist group called Islamic Jihad. They claim this group accidentally fired a rocket which led to the explosion.

3. Has there been any evidence presented?
Yes. Israel has presented audio recordings and images. These materials are meant to support their claim that the explosion was due to a rocket from the ground and not an aerial attack. However, the authenticity and interpretation of this evidence are still under debate.

4. What does the U.S. think about this situation?
The U.S., after some investigation, leans toward the idea that the explosion wasn’t Israel’s fault. President Joe Biden and the U.S. National Security Council have indicated that it seems more likely the blast came from a ground-launched rocket rather than an airstrike. They’re still looking into it.

5. How has the world reacted to the explosion?
Many countries and people worldwide are deeply upset and concerned. A lot of nations are pushing for a thorough investigation to find out the truth. In the Middle East, especially, there have been protests, with many blaming Israel for the tragedy.

6. Are there any confirmed details about the explosion?
There’s confirmation about the explosion itself, its aftermath, and the tragic consequences. However, as for who’s responsible and the exact cause, that remains uncertain. Different parties have provided conflicting accounts, and until a comprehensive investigation is concluded, the full story remains unclear.

7. Why is it important to keep talking about this?
This incident isn’t just a political matter—it’s a humanitarian crisis. Hundreds of lives were lost, and many were injured. Getting to the truth is essential not only for justice but to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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