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Top 10 Cool Entrepreneurs of 2023

Hey! Check out these awesome people who are doing some really cool stuff in the business world this year. These entrepreneurs are using tech, making a social impact, and just doing things differently. Let’s dive in:

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AJ Mizes: The People’s Coach

AJ Mizes used to work at Meta, doing some big HR stuff. Now, he’s started his own thing called The Human Reach, helping people do better in their jobs and become great leaders. His big advice? Just get started, and you’ll learn as you go.

Sunil Tolani: The Good Guy in Business

Sunil “Sunny” Tolani runs the Prince Organization and he’s all about doing good. He focuses on fair pay, being good to the environment, and making sure everyone is treated right. He’s also big on helping women succeed in their jobs.

Kelly Hyman: TV Star and Legal Pro

Kelly Hyman is super smart. She’s a lawyer who’s been on TV and has been called the “Modern Day Erin Brockovich” by Forbes. She fights for people in big court cases and is also on TV sharing legal insights.

Mario Karagianis: Golf Game Changer

Mario Karagianis made this cool thing called Perfect Hands Golf (PHG) to help people get better at golf. It’s different from other tools because it lets golfers practice their swings in a natural way, anywhere they want.

Nick Locascio: Shopping Revolution with AI

Nick Locascio’s company, Booth AI, is changing how online stores get pictures of their products. Instead of actual photoshoots, his company uses AI to create pictures, which saves time and money.

Arnaldo Detres: Digital Wizard

Arnaldo Detres knows a ton about digital stuff like Bitcoin and Blockchain. His company, Bengala Technologies, LLC, helps all sorts of clients, from big companies to individual people, understand and use digital tech.

Ari Page: Helping Small Businesses Grow

Ari Page’s company, Fund&Grow, helps small businesses and entrepreneurs get the money they need. They’re really good at what they do, and people trust them a lot.

Michelle Marie King: Helping Teens Shine

Michelle Marie King is all about supporting teens and young adults. She coaches them to deal with challenges, find out who they really are, and live a life they love.

Maggie Adhami-Boynton: The Future of Online Shopping

Maggie Adhami-Boynton runs ShopThing, a super cool online shopping platform. They’re big in Asia and use live videos to sell products, kind of like a modern TV shopping channel but way cooler.

Christian Ortez: Money Guru

Christian Ortez runs Saxe Capital, helping people manage their money the smart way. His team works with other experts to make sure their clients are making the best money moves.

These 10 entrepreneurs are totally changing the game in 2023! Whether it’s in tech, shopping, or helping people grow, they’re showing us what’s possible when you think differently and work hard. Keep an eye on them; they’re going places!

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FAQ: Cool Entrepreneurs of 2023

Q: Who is AJ Mizes and what’s his deal?

A: AJ Mizes used to work in HR roles at big companies like Meta. Now, he’s the brains behind The Human Reach, a venture that helps people get better in their jobs and leadership roles.

Q: What’s unique about Sunil “Sunny” Tolani’s business approach?

A: Sunil focuses on more than just making money. He’s all about fairness, looking after the environment, and ensuring everyone gets treated right, especially women in the workplace.

Q: Why is Kelly Hyman compared to Erin Brockovich?

A: Kelly is known for fighting for people in big legal battles, similar to what Erin Brockovich is known for. Plus, she shares her legal insights on TV!

Q: How does Mario Karagianis’s Perfect Hands Golf (PHG) work?

A: PHG is a training tool that lets golfers practice their swings naturally. It uses special bands to improve muscle memory and helps golfers achieve a flawless swing.

Q: What does Booth AI do, and why is it revolutionary?

A: Booth AI, founded by Nick Locascio, uses artificial intelligence to create product images for online stores. It’s a game-changer because businesses no longer need traditional photoshoots, saving them time and money.

Q: What kind of clients does Arnaldo Detres’s Bengala Technologies serve?

A: Bengala Technologies helps a mix of clients, from software companies to individual investors, navigate and use digital technologies like Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Q: What’s the main goal of Ari Page’s Fund&Grow?

A: Fund&Grow assists small businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them access unsecured business credit to grow their operations.

Q: How does Michelle Marie King support young individuals?

A: Michelle offers coaching to teens and young adults, helping them overcome challenges, discover themselves, and lead fulfilling lives.

Q: How is ShopThing different from other e-commerce platforms?

A: ShopThing, run by Maggie Adhami-Boynton, uses live videos to showcase and sell products. It’s like a blend of a modern TV shopping channel and an online store.

Q: What sets Christian Ortez’s Saxe Capital apart in the finance world?

A: Saxe Capital focuses on offering holistic financial guidance. They work closely with their clients’ other professionals (like tax advisors) to ensure the best financial outcomes.

Hopefully, this FAQ helps clear up any questions you have about these awesome entrepreneurs of 2023! If you have more queries, don’t hesitate to dig deeper into their work and ventures.

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